Sample of Photography & Tours can be seen at VIRTUAL TOURS/PORFOLOIO link above.

Our price for photoshoots with tour beginning May 1, 2014 $140.00... Photoshoot only will be $120.00.

Nightime (Dusk) photoshoots $175.00 this includes interior and exterior

Tour for MLS (unbranded) or any website (branded)that will accept a URL link is included in photoshoot with tour.

Question: What areas do you cover?

Answer: We work mostly within Twin Cities Metro area. Extra fee of $.56 per mile if your property is more than 30 miles from New Hope, MN, per Google maps.

Question: How soon will my tour be ready?

Answer: Tours are typically ready within 24 hours of being photographed. Possible longer if photographed over week-end.

Question: Are tours MLS compliant?

Answer: Yes. We offer multiple formats for each tour. If your tour is a Real Estate tour it is automatically sent to and at no additional charge as long as MLS sends their listings to those site. If you are a member of we can post there for free. If you are not a member there is a $25.00 charge to upload.

Question: How many pictures are included in each tour?

Answer: The tour supports unlimited number of pictures. Determined by size of property. Smaller houses generally 15 to 20. Larger houses 30 to 60. We can also insert your pictures or renderings if they meet our quality standards & are at least 5MB in size.

Question: Do you do 360 tours.

Answer: We do not do 360 tours, only stills.

Question: Can I change the background and text colors?

Answer: Yes. You can change background and text colors.

Question: Is there an additional charge for tour template setup?

Answer: No. There is no additional charge to setup tour template.

Question: Is there a link to a map of the property?

Answer: Yes. A link to Google Maps is automatically generated.

Question: Do I need to be present when the photo shoot is done?

Answer: No. Our photographer carries SUPRA electronic key, as long as there is a lockbox on the home it is unnecessary for anyone to be there.

Question: Do you design and print custom brochures (11x17)?

Answer: Yes. We can design and print on high quality paper. At an extra charge. Call 763-545-0407 for pricing.

Question: What is the turn around time on printed materials?

Answer: Typically 24 to 48 hours after all information is received. (Text/Property info).

Please click on GET READY link to download PDF file for getting ready to do photo Shoot.


Questions please call 763-545-0407 or email: